‘Get some’ degli Snot esce in vinile

Music On Vinyl ha annunciato per il prossimo 1 Dicembre la ristampa in vinile 180 grammi del primo ed unico album degli Snot intitolato “Get Some”, arrivato quest’anno al suo ventesimo anniversario.

Il chitarrista Mike Doling ha così commentato l’uscita:

I am very excited to finally be releasing “Get Some” on vinyl. It’s something I have wished to do for a very long time and we finally are! It’s very fitting for a 20 year release! I miss Lynn Strait everyday. They say it gets easier with time. I say that’s a load of crap. I miss him 18 years later as much as the day of his passing. But, I know for sure he’d be as excited as I am to be releasing a 20 year vinyl release!! I love you brother, this one’s for you!”