Interviste: Alright Gandhi

1. Hi Rosa, how did your project get born?

Pietro and I always ended up on stage together late at night at the same underground jams in Berlin, and my favorite moments were when I’d hear one of his stunning guitar lines picking up. I didn’t even have to look; I knew it was him playing. Kalle Enkelmann (now our producer) and I were working on songs and we all ended up writing and recording together. It felt like a new genre. We started playing bigger gigs and getting invitations to tour, and Dom joined the band. We developed rhythm and a bigger sound together as time went on.

2. Tell us about your last album “Little Traveller“.

Little Traveller tells the stories of characters who venture outside of their given boundaries. The cover is a painting I made inspired by the Fool card in Tarot. The fool just wonders around: easy come easy go. We enjoyed making the music light but using a lot of poly-rhythm and not even thinking about convention or form, so it’s adventurous in a subtle way. I like the idea of doing something that’s both sweet and badass because it disregards convention: I hope it makes people want to try new things.

3. Which are the bands/artists most influenced your music?

I suppose great songwriters like Joni Mitchell and bands like Led Zeppelin, and then whole countries like Morocco.

4. Three words to describe your project.

thankyou more please

5. Three albums to listen at the moment.

Indigo by Pashmak, Astrolabio by Victor Herrero and We Used to Make Things by We Used to Make Things

6. Three bands/artists to give a listen to.

Mariam the Believer, Alice Coltrane, Mount Eerie

7. Tell us a why we should listen to your new album.

Our next album will be coming out later this year. We just recorded it all live in a stone hut called the Jungle in the mountains in Liguria. It’s a snap shot of a specific place at a specific moment in time, so it has character and its real. I hope and think it’ll make people feel a complicated kind of good.

8. Which song of yours would you make listen to someone who doesn’t know your project?

Cinema Bar or Dark Matter

9. Please remember your web contacts.


10. When will we see you on an Italian stage?

We’re doing an Italian tour in just over a week! Check out our facebook page for the dates. We’ll be in Livorno at Surfur Joe’s Diner on May 1st, we’re super excited.