Interviste: The Trouble Notes

1. Hi guys, how did your project get born?
The Trouble Notes is a Indie Fusion trio consisting of violinist/vocalist, Bennet Cerven, guitarist Florian Eisenschmidt and percussionist, Oliver Maguire. Having been raised in different countries with contrasting backgrounds (UK, Germany and USA), each individual brings a unique perspective and flavor to the group’s core. What they share is a common sacrifice – the comfort and stability of career and home – to travel and spread their musical talents to every culture of the world while further growing as musicians and beings. Their music has been described as “a storm in a world fusion honeypot of Argentinian Tango and Spanish flamenco rhythms, mixed up in Klezmer melting over an operatically beautiful Gypsy violin and endless wonderous waterfall of Romani sounds.”They have embraced the traveler’s life and spent over three years together performing in the streets of the world. Upon embarking on their journey, they completely immersed themselves in their music, seeking to pioneer a new genre of Indie Fusion by mixing the traditional sounds of their many cultural experiences. A unique bond was forged with the street, enhancing their style and leaving a footprint on each composition.

2. Tell us about your last album “Grand Masquerade“.
Social, religious, cultural and legal norms have always been the key building blocks of any kind of community from the nuclear family to the supranational institutions. Into the second decade of the 21st century, it is clear, when looking at the changing nature of societies in all of the Western and Baltic countries, that these building blocks are being negotiated and reshaped.
The “Grand Masquerade” is the paradox of our everyday life, forced to hide our true selves from the social and familiar norms of society. Be it a political dissident lurking in the shadows of an oppressive regime, a daughter hiding her ambition from a patriarchal society, a son desiring to escape a career path encouraged by his family, or an adolescent terrified of the reactions of friends and family to his or her sexuality, every society creates a need to mask our true selves.
In February 2017 the new EP was released at Lido in Berlin.
The title track Grand Masquerade mixes classical style strings, indie-rock guitar, with hiphop and electronic groove.

3. Which are the bands/artists most influenced your music?
Rodrigo y Gabriela
Django Reinhard et Stephane Grappelli
Caravan Palace
Thievery Corporation
Gogol Bordello

4. Three words to describe your project.
Travel, Engery, Street

5. Three albums to listen at the moment.
Kallidad – The Awakening
Geordie Little – A Journey into Seahorse Valley
Thievery Corporation – The Temple of I & I

6. Three bands/artists to give a listen to.
Olivier Domengie
Geordie Little

7. Tell us a why we should listen to your new EP.
Listen to our new EP “Grand Masquarade” because it is the first taste of the cumulation of our years of work.  The release of these first four songs bring us to the level of professionalism the industry side of the music world demands, while at the same time we are using three years of street music as the foundation of our compositions. Our new EP captures both the comfortable past and exciting future that our music offers to the ears of the listener.

8. Which song of yours would you make listen to someone who doesn’t know your project?
Catalonia Calling or Grand Masquerade

9. Please remember your web contacts.

10. When will we see you on an Italian stage?
On Italian stages you will see us a lot this year:
Saturday 29.04.2017 Istrice Langhirano
Monday 01.05.2017 Surfer Joe’s Festival Livorno
Wednesday 03.05.2017 Spazio Glicine Firenze
Friday 05.05.2017 La Cité Firenze
Saturday 06.05.2017 Giardini Luzzati Genoa
Sunday 07.05.2017 Circolo dello Sport Chiavari
Tuesday 09.05.2017 Da Bacchus La Spezia
Wednesday 10.05.2017 Birrificio Degli Archi Viareggio
Friday 12.05.2017 11 : 11 Lucca
Saturday 13.05.2017 Piazza San Michele Festival Lucca
Tuesday 16.05.2017 Lasino che vola Roma
Wednesday 17.05.2017 Arci Imperia Imperia
Thursday 18.05.2017 Lanificio San Salvatore Turino

Summer Festivals:
28.06 – 30.06.2017 POPOLI POP CULT FESTIVAL Ravenna
23.07.2017 Street Food Festival San Benedetto
29.07. – 30.07.2017 Bascherdeis Festival Vernasca
05.08.-09.08.2017 Musica Viva – Artigianato Vivo – Cison di Valmarino