Interviste: Pmx

1. Hi Matt, how did your band get born?

The original Pmx line up met at high school in the mid-nineties. We were originally a three-piece called PMT but then became a four-piece and dropped the T in favour of an X. John and I are the two remaining original members with Scott and Kev joining the band in early 2015 to complete the current line-up.

2. Tell us about your last studio work.

After a lengthy hiatus, John and I started writing together again with ‘The Ballad of Tony Montana’ in 2012. It was basically John in his bedroom in Scotland writing and recording all the music while I sat in my bedroom in Australia writing lyrics. Once I got back we started playing together again and finally decided it was time to record some more Pmx music. We recorded ‘Dark Days’ in John’s home studio at the start of 2015 and had it mastered by Jason at The Blasting Rooms. It was lots of fun to write, practice and record which was important to us because if it’s not fun then why bother? We are pretty stoked at how it turned out and even more stoked on the positive feedback we got.

3. Which are the bands/artists who most influenced your music?

Probably the first band that we really got into was Green Day along with bands like the Offspring and NOFX. Later, we were really into bands like Slick Shoes, Craig’s Brother, Pulley and Inspection 12. We used to go into our local record store and order from a giant book that had every record you could buy in it. This was of course before the internet! I think the biggest influence on our music is how many different styles of music we all listen to. On our last tour we had everything from Tchaikovsky to Ten Foot Pole playing in the van!

4. Three words to describe your band.

Fast. Tech. Fun.

5. Three albums to listen at the moment.

I usually take a long time to realise an album is out so I am a couple years behind most releases! But right now I am listening to ‘Dry Season’ by Good Riddance, ‘Bruises’ by Counterpunch and ‘Green Star’ by Pears.

6. Three bands to give a listen to. 

Spoiler from Toronto, Canada

Hightime from Adelaide, Australia

The Kimberly Steaks from Glasgow, Scotland

7. Tell us a why we should listen to your new album.

Because you should give everything in this life at least one try, to see if you like it! I’m not gonna be so presumptuous to say you’re gonna love our new record but it’s gonna be fast, tech and in our heads the best stuff we have written so that’s gotta be worth a try right?

8. Which song of yours would you make someone listen to who doesn’t know your band?

I think the first track I would make a Pmx virgin listen would be ‘The Ballad of Tony Montana’. If they like us, they get 25 minutes of pleasure. If they don’t, they get 25 minutes of pain! I actually read the other day that it is officially the longest punk rock song ever recorded which is pretty cool!

9. The best concert you played until today?

The most memorable concert for me would have to be a basement show we played in Paris maybe around 10 years ago. It was a hot and sweaty floor show, maybe 50 or so people there and I loved every minute. I wore my favorite football team’s strip because our new manager was the ex-Paris Saint Germain manager. They hated me for that! Small shows are so much more fun than big shows and you get to have lots more fun with the crowd! We played in Edinburgh with Propagandhi once as well, that was a rad show too. We had met them a month earlier on tour over in Canada so was cool to get to play with them in our part of the world.

10. When will you come to Italy?

We will be in Italy this May as part of our European Tour. I especially can’t wait to play Surfer Joe’s in Livorno on May 5th so I can run into the sea as soon as we finish playing! I’ve been told that this possible?

11. Please remember your web contacts.

12. A message for LTMR and its readers.

Big thanks to Less Talk More Rock for being interested in the shit I have to say. To the LTMR crew and anyone reading this, there is nothing I like more than having a beer with a new friend! So if you can make it to one of our shows in May come say hello and we’ll have a beer or three!