Biffers cacciati dagli Stati Uniti

I Biffers vengono respinti a Seattle per “irregolarità” alla VISA e cancellano il tour americano.

Di seguito il loro comunicato:


That’s right, we didn’t make it through the customs in Seattle as they were waiting for us with a huge file about our tour!
We are flattered by all this attention by the government, we are really delighted! We never thought we would receive so much consideration, after all we’re just a bunch of weirdos with guitars.
Looks like our VISAs weren’t correct, but we guess it doesn’t sound as surprising in these days; it all began with a wrong information we got at the moment we started booking the shows, but when we found out our documentation wasn’t correct it was too late to apply for different VISAs, so it was something we expected somehow. We only had two choices: take the risk or cancel the whole tour, but after all the mess we made to put it up this didn’t seem a badass choice to us, so we went all the way through.

We can’t even comply about how we were treated by the officers, as they have been so nice and kind to us, after all they were only doing their job protecting their beloved country from the threat of four dangerous musicians planning to play some gigs in bars and party with crowds of thirty people, spending a lot of money in plane tickets, gas, van rental, accommodation and food.
How mean is that?!

We were put on the first plane to London, where we currently are, working out our way back home.
We would like to thank all the bands, promoters, clubs, friends, and everyone else who helped putting up the shows, with the promise to reschedule the whole tour asap!

Meanwhile we’ll work on how to spend the next three weeks, including possibilities to tour Europe last minute; whoever wants to join us or needs help over here feel free to contact us, we’re not afraid of foreign aliens on this side of the ocean and we never kick out anyone.

We’ll set up a live streaming show from our studio soon, so everyone can party with us all together online!

Shout out to our driver Chicco who was legally admitted into the U.S. and is partying alone in Seattle right now. Reach him out people!
Step aside MASKED INTRUDER, we are more dangerous than you are!

Your favorite international criminals