Interviste: Hospital Job

1. Hi guys, how and when did “Hospital Job” get born?

Hi, I’m Luke, the guitarist and singer that writes the songs. Hospital Job was born when I moved from Carbondale, Illinois to Springfield, about 3 hours north of Carbondale. I wanted to play in a band with people from the town I was living.

2. Tell us about your last studio album “Never get cold”.

“Never Get Cold” was written in the wintertime, and I get pretty down and depressed during the winter, which is pretty common in the Midwestern US. I wanted to both express those feelings and try to escape from them in the songs.

3. Which are the bands/artists most influenced your music?

I love Toys That Kill and Dillinger Four and all the current bands in that genre, but I wanted to include more mid-paced and indie-style influences in this band, like Superdrag, and even the weirder parts of bands like Wilco and Whiskeytown.

4. Three words to describe your band.

Loud, catchy, drunk

5. Three albums to listen at the moment.

Culture Abuse – Peach; Music Band – Wake Up Laughing; Mind Spiders – Prosthesis

6. Three bands to give a listen to.

Attic Salt, Midnight Reruns, LVL UP

7. Tell us a why we should listen to your new album.

I think it’s the most cohesive and original album that I’ve recorded over the 15 years I’ve been doing this!

8. Which song of yours would you make listen to someone who doesn’t know your project?

“Hey Hey”

9. Please remember your web contacts.

10. A message for LTMR and its readers.

Come see us in France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy in May 2017! And thanks for reading!